A Year of Dates...

Tuesday, 15th May 2018 - I have to be honest.  I cannot honestly remember the last time me and my Husband had a proper date.  Normally it would involve a buy a "Dine in for Two" Meal from Marks and Spencer and a daughter that does not realise sometimes Mummy and Daddy needs some time together as well.  Prior to her arrival we did go out but I never had to think about them as dates.  

One day on my way to taking my daughter to school by bus while on the return journey as I finally found a seat I had a snoop around on Instagram and saw on Lobella Loves a post about reclaiming "Us Time".  She nailed it.  Kids (or in our case a Kid) came a long and we forgot us.  Yes there were times when we sat and snuggled on the sofa watching movies or went out but I don't think it was the quality time that we should be spending together.  On the post she mentioned the Shop A Year of Dates. aI popped over to their Instagram page and had a read through about what they are all about.  Popping over to their website I had a more in depth look.  

On their about page it all seemed to start with the owner Kate being give a jar by her husband.  Yes, I was surprised by that too, I struggle for my husband just to remember my birthday!  What a thoughtful gesture and I know you can find ideas for this on Pinterest but for one I did not have the time to put a jar together and I thought it would be more challenging if I did not acutally know what was in the envelopes.  It makes it more exicitng.

The Box I purchased has 52 cards in it with 5 cards that are blank.  My husband and I can each write down our suggestion for a date night and we can mix this in the box.  Reading up on the best way to do this is pull the envelope on the Monday and start thinking about what it is you want to do.  I think there is a time limit you have to complete this in.  The cards will have suggestions, some detailed and some leaving it open for your interpretation.  The dates very from a free or cheap night to something a little bit more expensive for the week you feel you can splurge. I see date nights on the sofa watching movies with popcorn and our phones turned off! The key here being that you think about it and then make sure you do it.  It has to be fun, include snuggles, hugs and kisses (loads of kisses!).  

My purchase includes a journal too.  I want to make a conscious effort to create a memory book that we can go back and look at once we have done this.  I think this will be important for the times life throws us a challenge.  It would also be nice to have a keepsake for when we are old and sitting on our porch talking about the good old days.

So when will this start?  We are starting this from June and I will have updates on this on my blog and Instagram.  I already also have a few friends in mind that will be gifted with this.  They do a New Parents one too which I think is great!  Wish I had this when the little one arrived.